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About us

Polish transport company «Xelena» was founded in 2016 and is located in Czestochowa, Poland.

The main activity of the company is the implementation of freight transport with its own transport within the European Union, 80% of the flights performed by our company are made on the route Germany-France, as well as in other European countries. Transportation of various goods, including dangerous goods. The size of the company’s fleet is 40 cars, including MAN, Mercedes, Euro 5, Euro 6 2015-2018 years of production.

Employees of the company «Xelena» — real professionals who speak different languages, which in turn allows the driver of our company to effectively perform services in the field of delivery of goods without knowledge of foreign languages. Communication between the driver and dispatchers is carried out in Russian.

The team of the company is international, among employees — citizens of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Italy.



We want to be the fastest, most efficient and reliable transport service provider for our customers. That is why we do everything to ensure that every company entrusted to us is maintained with the utmost care and attention to each client. Our employees are constantly improving their language and professional skills to meet the expectations of our customers from Poland and abroad, and the quality of services provided was as high as possible. Our goal is to establish new and long-term business contacts and constantly strive to improve the quality of our services to satisfy our customers. Guided by the motto «Always for you», we want to be an excellent support for our customers and meet all the requirements for you.

That's why we follow the following principles in our business

Flexibility in the provision of transport services

No matter where and when we are always available to our customers. Constant readiness and non-traditional solutions are the main principles of our work.

Team work.

Together we are strong and we can guarantee excellent service. That is why we involve our colleagues at every stage of our work, so we guarantee quality services.

Quality in all details

We strive to carefully plan and control all relevant factors during the execution of orders, so as not to disappoint the trust of our customers.

Constant development.

Striving for continuous improvement and continuous monitoring is another important element of our company. Continuous development and the pursuit of excellence are our inner motivations.