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International transport

We specialize in the transportation of spatial cargoes with cubic capacity up to 118 cubic meters or 38 pallets (tandem cars).
Our range of services covers the whole of Europe.
Transport safety is our top priority, therefore all our vehicles are certified with PN EN 12642 code XL («safe load») as well as certified SECURITY security system. They also meet Euro 5 emission standards. In addition, the cars are new (the oldest is two years old). The company has a cargo insurance policy-600 000 euros for each event.

Не менее важным является удобная и эффективная загрузка. Вот почему автомобиль имеет систему Transics для управления транспортом, флотом, водителями, грузами и заказами. Наши транспортные средства также имеют раздвижные крыши — независимо от боковых сторон, а также крытые крыши — для облегчения боковой загрузки. Алюминиевый пол, трапеция, алюминиевая конструкция являются стандартными для нашего флота.

Mobile chargers are an additional element to facilitate unloading and loading.

International expedition

We are the market leader in the transport industry and have more than a decade of experience in the field of indirect contracts for transport services.

We transport across Europe-from a single pallet to a full truck load or 38 pallets.

We have a rich base of carriers.
We offer a filling system outside Poland at a net price for our regular contract carriers.
We guarantee immediate payment with 5% discount for the three-day payment period or 3% discount for 14 days.
Timely payments, efficiency and perfect organization are our credo.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Our fleet is adapted for the transport of dangerous goods — ADR
Drivers have permits for training and transportation in accordance with ADR rules